Company introduction
  Shanghai OnStar Telematics Service Co., Ltd. is a joint venture officially established by General Motors, SAIC Group and Shanghai GM on Oct.28th, 2009. OnStar is the leading provider of in-vehicle safety, security and communication services for Shanghai GM models manufactured and sold in China. 
  Through state-of-the-art information i   Through state-of-the-art information integration technologies, OnStar provides Chinese consumers with 15 in-vehicle services, including Automatic Crash Response, Emergency Services, Security Services, Vehicle Diagnostics, Hands-Free Calling, Mobile Application, etc. All owners can quickly connect to professional OnStar advisors via one-button communication interface, enjoying 24-hour and 365 days safety and security, communications, navigation and convenience services for peace of mind. Premium quality security services that are easy-to-use, always there with immediate response providing a highly reliable hi-tech experience, OnStar starts the real human-vehicle interaction for SGM vehicle owners. OnStar has fully integrated in major vehicles under SGM: Cadillac SLS, CTS, SRX, Cadillac Escalade; Buick Enclave, New Regal, New LaCrosse, New GL8; Chevrolet Cruze, Aveo and Malibu.  Eventually OnStar will be available to an even wider range of SGM car owners at no cost the first year. Through the one-year use free services OnStar is confident that users will trust and stay loyal to the comprehensive personal OnStar services.
  Shanghai OnStar launched its mobile app. in Jun. 2011, which is the only telematics service in China that offers a vehicle integrated mobile phone application. Users can conveniently utilize the functions of a traditional smart key via their mobile phones, such as horn and lights, and door lock/unlock. In addition, users can check mileage, fuel level and tire pressure. Furthermore, the mobile application currently provide remote start function to the users of four specific vehicle models of SGM, including 2011 Escalade and SRX of Cadillac, New LaCross and Enclave of Buick. 
  With 15-year development and total 6 million subscribers around the world, OnStar has grown into the global telematics leader. After entering the Chinese market OnStar has brought safety and peace of mind driving experience to customers.
Through the strength of most advanced, full coverage telematics services, OnStar was honored with the “Best Advanced Technology Award” on 2010 Beijing Auto Show, the “Best Telematics Service Brand” on 2011 Beijing Import Automobile Expo; the “Best Automobile Calling Center System” on 2011 China Auto Industry Selection; the “Top Ten Golden Brand of National Automobile Service Industry” on 2011 Public Satisfaction Selection of National Service Industry.  At the same time the OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slow Down technology was honored with an important US innovation award – the Edison Award. Based on affirmation from awards both local and abroad, OnStar secures the position of technology leader in telematics industry.
  OnStar, parent company of Shanghai OnStar Telematics Service Co., is a leading provider of telematics services in America. It was formed in 1995 through collaboration between General Motors, EDS and Hughes Electronics Corporation to provide full-coverage safety control and constantly innovated human-oriented telematics services. OnStar received high praise from its customers and becomes the leader of telematics industry.
  OnStar telematics services includes 15 detailed services
  Automatic Crash Response
  Emergency Services 
  Automatic Air Bag Deployment Response
  OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics 
  On-Demand Diagnostics 
  Good Samaritan 
  Stolen Vehicle Location 
  Remote Door Unlock 
  Remote Horn and Lights 
  Roadside Assistance 
  Mobile Application
  Hands-Free Calling 
  Point of Interest
  Turn-by-Turn Navigation
  Destination Download
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安吉星是通用汽车与上汽集团之间的第八家合资企业,也是北美市场之外的首家OnStar信息服务业务机构。OnStar是通用汽车最成功的品牌之一,在2008年底北美上市的95%通用汽车产品都安装了该系统。OnStar系统将通过应用全球卫星定位系统(GPS)和无线通信技术来为中国的消费者提供广泛的汽车安全信息服务,包括碰撞自动求助、路边救援协助、全音控免提电话、实时按需检测和全程音控领航(Turn-By-Turn Navigation)等十多项。母公司之一的OnStar公司是通用汽车的全资子公司,也是美国处于领先地位的汽车安全信息系统服务商。如今,在北美使用OnStar服务的用户已经超过600万。



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