Webforge Group is a leading steel gratings manufacturer of the world. With its advanced equipment, strong technique power and mature manufacturing process, Webforge Group has enjoyed 60 years success globally in gratings and construction materials industry. The group company is headquartered in Australia, and also set up manufacturing plants in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. By its continuous improvement in the product workmanship and client service, the WEBFORGE brand grating has marked its name for decades.
       Guangzhou Webforge Grating Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Webfore Grating Co., Ltd.and Chengdu Webfore Grating Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Webforge Grating Co., Ltd. are four Chinese subsidiaries of the Webforge Group. The four companies introduced full sets of equipment and advanced manufacturing technologies and management systems from the Webforge Group. The companies in China also adopts the Group’s globally unified product standards and has provided goods and services for tens of thousands of projects throughout the world, out of which thousands of them are large-scale ones.
       The head-office of Webforge China is located in Wuxi, which is a beautiful city of east China with greatly convenient traffic, communication and business conditions. And other factories are respectively located  in Guangzhou, Chengdu,Tianjin. 

 We have first-class CAD design system of steel gratings. We can provide layout design and site installation guide for our clients.
       Our products include carbon steel/stainless steel press welding grating, ball-joint handrail, steel staircase and ladder, fence, manhole cover and other light steel structures, with over 100 specifications.


公司地址: 无锡空港产业园区裕安一路C20地块
联 系 人: 宋小姐
公司邮箱: nancy@webforge.com.cn
公司传真: 0510-85215188

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