The Liebherr family business was established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr. The great success of his first mobile, easy-to-assemble and affordable tower crane was the foundation on which the company flourished. Today Liebherr is not only one of the world’s leading manufacturers of construction machinery but is also an acknowledged supplier of technically innovative user-oriented products and services in numerous other fields. Over the years the family business has grown into what is today a group of companies, employing a workforce of 32,979 in more than 120 companies on all continents.

利勃海尔家族企业由汉斯利勃海尔在1949年建立。公司的第一台移动式、易装配、价格适中的塔式起重机获得巨大的成功,成为公司蓬勃发展的基础。今天,利勃海尔不仅是世界建筑机械的领先制造商之一,它还是被众多领域客户认可的技术创新产品及服务供应商。多年以来,家族企业已经发展成为目前的集团公司,拥有大约 38000 名员工,在各大洲成立了 130 余家公司。

  Liebherr Group / 利勃海尔集团
    标定工程师 / Calibration Engineer  
  Components 零部件部
    Calibration Engineer - 发动机标定工程师  
    Spare Parts Manager / 配件经理  
  Aerospace 航空部
    Flight Control System Engineer  
    Repair Shop Manager-航空维修车间经理  
    Repair Technician/航空部维修技师  
    Landing Gear System Engineer  
  Gear Machine 齿轮加工机床部
    Gear Machine Service Engineer/齿轮机床工程师-重庆