Kids II Far East Limited

Making fun for babies is really fun for us !

Would you like to pursue a great career opportunity in a rapidly growing, fast-paced and entrepreneurial environment?  At Kids II, we have the opportunity to enhance the daily lives of millions of families around the world and we’re determined to make the most of it. After all, our employees have over 150 kids of their own! If you are looking for a fun and innovative environment that will challenge you and provide room for continued growth, then Kids II is for you.
Our Headquarters are in Atlanta Georgia, USA.  We have International Operations in Asia, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan and Europe.  Our global team designs, markets, and distributes a dynamic portfolio of baby and toddler products ranging from toys to bouncer seats to stationary activity centers.   We’re viewed as an innovator in the industry and are seeking a POSITION to join our high performing team in our China Office.

加入Kids II, 我们提供:


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