About Royal IHC

Royal IHC is focused on the continuous development of design and construction activities for the specialist maritime sector. It is the global market leader for efficient dredging and mining vessels and equipment – with vast experience accumulated over decades – and a reliable supplier of custom-built ships and supplies for offshore construction.

Royal IHC has in-house expertise for engineering and manufacturing innovative vessels and advanced equipment, as well as providing life-cycle support. Technological innovation will remain the company’s underlying strength through its continuous investment in research and development. Moreover, it helps to safeguard a sustainable environment. Its integrated systematic approach has helped to develop optimum product performance and long-term business partnerships. The company’s broad customer base includes dredging operators, oil and gas corporations, offshore contractors and government authorities.

Royal IHC has over 3,000 employees based at various locations in The Netherlands, Brazil, China, Croatia, France, India, Malaysia, the Middle East, Nigeria, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.






About IHC Holland

IHC Holland provides a global service network for the clients of IHC. Its core business is to keep IHC-built dredging and mining equipment (and other equipment) operational in a cost-effective way. Services range from the supply of original installations for new shipbuilding projects to providing replacement parts for vessels at work and complete renovations to ensure maximum output. As the full service provider, IHC Holland enables dredge and mining operators worldwide to reduce their total cost of ownership by means of technical availability, total logistic support and training.




About Dredging

There are few industrial activities today that involve such exposure to abrasion and consequent component wear as dredging. Dredging equipment does its work in one of the most unforgiving environments in the world. The material to be dredged is almost always abrasive, sometimes extremely so; the high levels of production necessary mean high flow rates and huge stresses, and the working conditions do not favor simple solutions.

IHC Holland has decades of experience in addressing this threat of wear with a range of proven solutions. The designs of products minimize the effects of wear; materials are of special composition and receive special heat treatment to optimize their hardness and toughness. Ideal part replacement stocks are calculated, fast delivery of parts is realized, and maintenance and repair is performed quickly; all to avoid vessel downtime.





IHC Dredging Technology (Tianjin) Ltd.,Co.

In order to better serve our customers in The People’s Republic of China Royal IHC opened an office in 1998. Since the opening of this office in Tianjin in the proximity of many customers the company developed from a service company to a full scale company with holds the following four departments: Sales, Services, Sourcing and Training.

In China we have over 60 dredgers working and in the last 8 years we have supplied over 30 new pieces to our customers. Due to this steady grow and increased base we are continually looking for dedicated colleagues who can represent us and support our customers and become part of the team.







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