Beijing Twenty-first Century Experimental Kindergarten was founded in 1995 and became the first private bilingual kindergarten in Beijing, after 23 years of accumulated experience, it now owns 35 direct kindergartens, has more than 1900 faculty and staff, and a total number of 12000 children. The total funding for education has gone up to 560 million yuan.


Direct area: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Suzhou, Sichuan, Hunan, Shenyang, Changchun


Introduce the Principal 

       朱敏 :北京师范大学学前教育硕士、民办学前教育专家、中国民办教育协会学前教育专业委员会副理事长、北京市教育学会幼儿园发展与促进研究会常委理事、北京市政协委员、海淀区人大代表、曾被评为中国民办幼儿园卓越领军人物、北京市辛勤育苗优秀学前教育工作者第二届北京民办教育园丁奖优秀校长


Zhu Min: is master of preschool in Beijing Normal University, private pre-school education experts, the vice president of china education association of private preschool education committee, standing committee of Beijing institute of education development and kindergarten education research council, CPPCC members of Beijing, people’s congress representative in Haidian District, has been rated as "Chinese Private Kindergarten Outstanding Leader," Beijing "Excellent Pre-school Nursery Hard Worker", "The second Beijing Private Education Teacher Award Outstanding Principal."

    The principal of Zhu Min is to absorb the essence of Chinese and foreign education; is to run and manage the kindergarten with heart, and guard the happiness of childhood by love. She uses her international vision and pragmatic spirit to lead the concept and behavior of twenty-first century preschool group, which is well noted by the childhood education sector. She adheres to connect the advanced educational philosophy with practice under her vision and absorbing, striving for the "ideal education" benefit to every family.



Leading Care


    Twenty-first Century Experimental Kindergarten was born in the 1990s, it was the time that Chinese government vigorously called and actively encouraged the development of private education. Throughout the process of arranging the kindergarten, party and state leaders and all levels of government have given us great concern and support.  In 2010, before introducing the first three-year action plan for kindergarten, principal Zhu Min, as the sole representative of private kindergarten, reported work and talked cordially to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. Incumbent vice Premier of the State Council, comrade Liu Yandong and the mayor of Beijing comrade Wang Anshun had personally come to inspect the work of our kindergarten.


The Cultural of Kindergarten 





课程和教学的核心目标 : 培育自信、自主;关心、合作;探究、创新的国际化中华新未来

Kindergarten objective: support every child to develop ideally

Management Concepts :democracy, harmony, humanity, innovation

Democratic view education: squat down to speak, hold up to communicate, hold hands to educate.

Kindergarten guidelines: regard the laws and regulations as the yardstick , look at children’s development as a fundamental, existed by the quality characteristics, not-for-profit.

Curricula and teaching core objectives: the cultivation of self-confidence, independence; concern, cooperation; explore and innovate new Chinese international future.


  Curriculum Advantage

主体性教育 :通过丰富的幼儿园一日生活、游戏活动、学习活动及园外社会活动让幼儿学生活、学做事、学做人,成为生活、游戏和学习的小主人。


Main curriculum: through the rich nursery daily life, games, learning activities and outside social activities, children learn how to live, how to do something, how a human being, and become the master of live, game and learning.

Bilingual education curriculum: within the bilingual activities in high-quality bilingual environment and type of infiltration, children focus on listening, speaking without fear, liking learning English, using English to learn, finally become a bilingual adepts minor.


蒙台梭利教育:汲取蒙台梭利教育精华,在有准备的蒙台梭利教育环境和专门课程中培养专注、自理自律和 数理逻辑等方面的综合能力,学会照顾自己、照顾他人、照顾环境。

Multicultural EducationMulticultural Education: under the multicultural environment and activity experience, children feel the cultural diversity, adapt, respect, and understand other cultures, become heroic Chinese people with a global vision.

Montessori Education absorb the essence of Montessori education, cultivate the comprehensive ability of concentration, self-discipline, and mathematical logic within the prepared Montessori education environment and specialized courses, and learn to take care of yourself, take care of others, and take care of the environment.



Traditional Cultural Education: through the rich cultural garden tour and experience activities, permeating traditional culture and education in the curriculum, so that children can understand, feel, experience, and use traditional culture, solid the foundation of Chinese culture.

Life Emotional Education: naturally permeate the emotional education in the life and game; cultivate love feelings and cooperation spirit. 






      With the continuous expansion of the size of kindergarten, the number of group teaching management team is also growing. Among the management support team, more than 95 percent of staff are bachelor or above, 20 percent of which are graduate education; 100 percent of first line teachers have teacher certification, early childhood education and college education accounted for 95 percent, among 20 percent of which have senior professional titles.

     Through the training model of mentoring, researching to promote education, the group has a dedication, teachers team, to promote high-level personnel training, the group also set up a “chief teacher studio", invited well-known pre-school education, psychology, education experts as consultants, to help teachers from good to great.


Social Honor

·         北京市优秀民办园    

·         市级早教示范基地

·         北京市民办教育先进单位    

·         北京市首家一级一类的民办幼儿园  

·         北京市民办园中首家市级示范幼儿园    

·         最早引进蒙氏教育模式的幼儿园

·         最受公众信赖民办幼儿园    

·         全国民办优质特色幼儿园

·         国家教育部优秀民办园评选北京市第一名

·         建国60周年最具影响力少儿教育品牌      

·         Beijing Outstanding Private Kindergarden

·         Municipal Early Education Demonstration Bases

·         Private Education Advanced Unit of Beijing

·         The First Class of Private Kindergarten in Beijing

·         The First Municipal Model Kindergarten in Beijing Private Education

·         The First to Introduce Montessori Education Model kindergarten

·         The most Trusted Public Private Kindergarten

·         Quality Characteristics of National Private Kindergarten

·         Ministry of Education in Beijing Ranked First Outstanding Private Kindergarten

·         60th Anniversary of the Founding of the Most Influential Children's Education Brand


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