绫致时装公司是其在中国的全资子公司,旗下有 ONLY, JACK&JONES, VERO MODA, SELECTED, J.LINDEBERG五个品牌,在全国500多个城市拥有7000多家店铺。目前,创意家居品牌HAY也已进入中国市场。


Bestseller is a leading European fashion company, with headquarter in Denmark, having more than 10 well-known brands. Bestseller has nearly 10,000 direct-sale stores in 38 countries all around the world. 

Bestseller Fashion Group (Tianjin) CO., LTD. is Bestseller Denmark's holding company in China. Currently having four brands in more than 500 cities and over 7,000 concept stores: ONLY, JACK&JONES, VERO MODA, SELECTED, J.LINDEBERG. The new home furnishing brand HAY is coming into China. 

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