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Founded in 2003 in a two bedroom apartment in Sydney, Digital Alchemy (DA) had a humble beginning.DA set an agenda to drive transformation across the industry through data driven marketing. Since then DA has grown to be the largest and most trusted Database Marketing Services Provider in Asia Pacific, with a unique focus on Decisioning.


Digital Alchemy 于2003年在悉尼成立,并致力成为亚太地区最大的数据营销和营销自动化服务提供商。作为当前澳洲最大的数据营销服务提供商之一, Digital Alchemy 的 7 家分公司横跨亚太和北美,分别位于曼谷,新加坡,香港,墨尔本,奥克兰,南京,和多伦多。Digital Alchemy 与世界500强的公司有着紧密的合作关系,行业涉及行,金融,保险,零售,商超,电讯通信等,这意味着你将有机会和这些公司一起工作,全面发展。


As Asia Pacific's most trusted database marketing service provider, we are committed to delivering innovative marketing service powered by cutting edge technology and AI because marketing is always-on.




Every day, millions of records get ingested by our solution to transform data to actionable insights. In this role, you'll be a part of our English-Speaking APAC Enterprise Support Team working around the clock and in shifts to deliver a world-class support for our customers around the globe. You'll drive internal processes and automation improvements, along with collaboration with team members in New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Singapore to continuously improve our solutions and products.




We will give you unique opportunities which allow you to learn new skills, fast. You will also accelerate your career growth as you will receive constant exposure towards our latest technologies. During the day, you will handle customer requests regarding account management, data transformation & automation, campaign automation, report automation and many other applications.






About our Team/关于我们的团队


A team who emphasizes a collaborative work environment and challenge ourselves, and each other, on a daily basis to grow, improve and learn more.



The frontline for clients and the pinnacle of situational handlers and communication experts. We understand our products and never shy away from tough problems.



An eclectic team from a variety of backgrounds, all with the one focus of world-class customer experience.




More about Digital Alchemy/更多的我们


At Digital Alchemy, we found that automating the execution aspect of marketing is relatively simple, but the decisions around targeting specific customers and presenting them individually tailored content, products, and offers is the actual challenging part. AI is key in unlocking the ability to comprehend large volumes of data and manage one-to-one interactions with customers.


在Digital Alchemy,我们发现自动化营销的执行是相对简单的,但最具挑战的是为不同客户提供量身定制的营销方案及产品。针对这一挑战,AI技术成为大数据分析及个性化管理客户的关键。


Relationships are about real people, about making an effort in getting to know and understand the person we’re talking to. It’s time to make the marketing process more human again and, most of all, use technology and data as an enabler to get us there.


我们一直在了解客户的需求,努力让我们的营销方案贴合客户,实现营销方案的精准定位。 最重要的是,把技术和数据作为实现目标的重要途径。


At Digital Alchemy, we call this ‘Dynamic Decisioning’.


在Digital Alchemy,我们称之为“动态决策”。


Start your journey with us and you’ll be rewarded with a vibrant, exciting, fun and positive working environment where your involvement can make a real impact!






Campaign Developer营销数据工程师


Technical Support 技术支持分析师


Oracle Database Administrator Oracle 数据库管理员




1.    全日制本科及以上学历

2.    计算机科学,软件工程,统计学,市场营销,电子商务,信息系统管理等相关专业3. 良好的英文交流能力,乐于在纯英文环境下工作

4.    熟练使用SQL语言

5.    在校期间有Linux/Oracle项目经验者优先


Learning and Development/学习发展机会









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